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Online Submission Form Now Fixed

Barb Peck

Hoku Pa'a
Niagara 35
December 2nd, 2023
"Is your article MIA?" is stamped on a submit your story form.

Did you submit an article within the last couple of months but haven’t heard back from us?

The Problem

Recently, we had a few glitches with the online form that authors use to send articles to Currents.  These problems occurred when the uploaded photos were too large. To make matters worse, if a submission does not work, all that happens is that you are presented with a blank “Submit an Article” form – there is not a  specific message to tell you that it did not work. Thus, it might be the case that you thought you sent us an article, but we don’t have it.

The Solution

To fix the problem, we have now changed the form to block images that are too large and to tell you if that happens. There is a limit to how many photos you can add, but extras (we love pictures!) can be sent via email to

What Success Looks Like to You

When you upload an article and it works, you will get a message on your screen right away that looks like this:

You should see this message on your screen thanking you if you have successfully uploaded your article.

You will also get an email message that shows you what you have submitted.

Please Re-send Missing Articles

If you have recently used the “Submit an Article” form but did not get these messages, then we did not see your story and you will need to re-submit it ( If this is the case, we are very sorry for the inconvenience, but do hope you will share your article with us.


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