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Planning to go Offshore Soon? The VI Fleet Begins September 27

Al Kitchen - VI Fleet Coordinator

Huntingford 53 Ketch
September 13th, 2017

If you are planning to sail offshore in the next year or two on your own boat or someone else’s, consider joining the VI Fleet of 2017/18, which will have its first meeting at 1830h on Wednesday, September 27 at Royal Victoria Yacht Club (3475 Ripon Rd).

VI will be trying a new format this year with a Fleet meeting scheduled every 4 weeks with presentations or group discussions on a variety of topics of interest to Fleet members (i.e. safety at sea, radio communications, weather, routing, insurance, etc).  Presenters are often BCA members with a specific area of expertise and/or professionals in related marine trades.

Connie Morahan – Weather Group facilitator

Many Fleet members also join the Weather Group, which meets on Wednesday nights as well but two weeks after Fleet meetings.  The Weather Group is designed to help participants increase their understanding of global weather and to develop skills in analyzing and applying weather information available at sea.

If you are interested in joining the 2017/18 VI Fleet, contact Al or Daragh for more information. For 2017/18 VI Weather information contact Connie.  The cost is $60 per boat for the year.


  1. Al Kitchen says:

    Hi Rosario
    Connie has reminded me that my profile needs updating so below you will find the goods. As well, last year we sold Wyndspree so we are now boatless. Please use the updated information in my currents postings from now on and thank you for your diligence and time.

    I have been a BCA member since 2005. My wife Gaye and I lived aboard Wyndspree (53′ ketch) from 1996 until 2007 and cruised the BC coast throughout this time. Between 2006 and the present, I crewed on different boats with fellow Bluewater members, including voyages from Victoria, BC to San Francisco; Gladstone, Australia to Fiji; New Zealand to Victoria, B.C.; and San Jose del Cabo to Hilo, HI. I am co-coordinating the V.I. Fleet group with Daragh Nagle starting in September 2017 after a one year hiatus due to medical issues.

    1. Hi Al,
      I have updated your information on Currents. Thanks for sending it in.

  2. Wayne Bilko says:

    Hi there
    My wife and I are hoping to head offshore as soon as we sell our house (will buy a boat somewhere in the world at that time) and would like to start attending VI Fleet meetings. Unfortunately, we live near Courtenay and wouldn’t be able to physically attending weeknight meetings. Is it possible to attend via Skype?
    Thanks, Wayne

    1. Hello Wayne,
      At BCA we have often discussed the possibility of bringing folks into the fleet meetings – both Vancouver and VI – asynchronously using Skype or other technologies, but we have never formalised the process. Since you are keen to participate, maybe we can do a trial this Fall.
      I will speak to the VI folks and the Vancouver folks about that by email and will keep you posted.

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