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Safety at Sea Seminars

Because it’s a Vic-Maui/Pacific Cup year, safety at sea seminars are again being held in the northwest. These seminars are required for the crew in these races and are recommended for cruisers, so spaces are limited!

The seminars are being held in both Canada and the US and are designed to provide participants with a better sense of how to react during emergencies at sea. They are unique in that they involve hands-on use of emergency equipment like life rafts and PFDs in a pool. The content of the seminars, in both the USA and Canada, is substantially identical, as one would expect in a world-wide sailing approved course. However, the US seminars usually offer hands-on use of pyrotechnics (typically impossible to arrange in Canada) and a live demonstration of a USCG helicopter dropping and retrieving a rescue swimmer.

BCA cruisers who have taken the seminar have found it a very useful confidence booster.

Seminars being are held at:

These seminars fill up, register early!