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Tom Hoskin Celebration of Life

Rosario Passos

Counting Stars
Whitby 42 Ketch
September 23rd, 2019

The family of Tom Hoskin would like to thank all those members of the BCA Vancouver Chapter who took the time to celebrate Tom’s life with his family on Tuesday, August 20.

Zeke, Dorothy, Gordon and Robert Hoskin were delighted to hear all the stories and anecdotes about Tom, and to listen to his favourite musical pieces, played with such enthusiasm by his ukulele classmates.

Among Tom’s passions (other than sailing and playing ukulele) was kayaking. Many of the guests who attended Tom’s Celebration of Life event were avid kayakers, who had traveled far and wide with Tom, riding the rapids on rivers all over North and Central America.

It was so great to see sailors, kayakers and musicians come together to remember Tom. He would have been so pleased.

Fair winds!


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