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Update your Member Info for the 2018 Directory

This is a friendly and final reminder from your 2018 Member Directory team that the deadline to renew your membership and be included in the 2018 Member Directory is February 28th!

After you’ve renewed your membership, please review and update your Member Profile for the 2018 Member Directory. Please check that the following information is accurate and up-to-date:

Here’s how you do it:

Please also check whether your names are spelled correctly and capitalized appropriately, e.g., Cathy Smith-Brown, not cathy smith-Borwn.

When checking or updating your address, please use the following street abbreviations: Ave., Blvd., Cir., Cres., Ct., Dr., Hts., Ln., Pkwy., Pl., Rd., St., Ter., Way.

For directions, please use: N., S., E., W., N.W., N.E., S.W., S.E.

Remember: The Directory displays only the information you have included in your member profile, including any outdated information, misspellings, or other errors! The Coordinators try to catch the obvious typos, and, if they know you, may be able to fill in missing information, but, please, make it easier for us to represent you accurately in the Directory by taking a few minutes to review your profile!