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Updating Your Personal Profile - A New Video Tutorial for BCA Members

Jennifer Handley

January 5th, 2022

The Board of Directors and the BCA Directory coordination team are pleased to introduce the second in a series of succinct video tutorials designed to assist BCA members navigate the BCA website in order to keep their membership information accurate and up-to-date.

Check out this brief video which shows how BCA members (both primary and associate) can easily and quickly update their personal profile.  Then, go online and review the information you previously provided to BCA, updating as and where necessary.  Doing so now will be of great help to the Directory Team which is about to begin their work producing the 2022 Directory.

If you have a boat or have acquired a new boat since last year or if you no longer own a boat, please take a few minutes to also update your boat profile(s).  Reviewing the first video in the series, How to Update your Boat Profile, will explain where to find that account and how to update it.

If all BCA members take five or ten minutes to do this, your 2022 BCA Member Directory will be far richer and more complete than ever before.  If you have questions about the process after viewing the tutorials or if you need assistance signing into the website, please contact Vimmy, BCA’s Administrator.

And just to remind everyone, the Board recently announced the addition of a new custom field for a boat’s MMSI number which will be included in the Directory.  Please remember to add your boat’s MMSI when you update its profile.

A portion of the BCA Fleet Map as of January 2022

If your boat has an MMSI number AND you would also like to participate in the new BCA Fleet Map which ultimately will show where BCA member boats can be found all over the world, please contact Daragh Nagle (VI Fleet Co-coordinator).  Further information about the Fleet Map can be found in this Currents article.  Please note that your boat will not appear on the Fleet Map unless you proactively request that that it be added.

Last of all, please don’t hesitate to contact Vimmy if you have any questions about your membership status, your membership renewal or how to change/update your profiles;  she will be pleased to help.


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