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Vancouver Fleet

Cameron and Marianne McLean, Vancouver Fleet Coordinators

Seabird 37
April 28th, 2015

The Vancouver Fleet of 2015 held their regular meeting on April 28. The presenter was a psychologist discussing the cruising life. The focus was not just being on the water, but the process of getting ready and getting off the dock.

An extra meeting in April was on the 18th at North Sails Loft in Richmond, where Dennis Lefeaux demonstrated sail cloth, sail making and repairs, sail storage, etc.

The May meeting on the 26th will feature a speaker talking about SSB radio communications and weather information gathering, followed by a presentation on using satellite technology for communication and weather forecasts. There will be a demonstration of OCENS Weathernet program using Sat phone; we’ll look at details and costs.

If you have made a last minute decision to leave for offshore this year, it would be worthwhile joining the Fleet for the last meetings. In that case, just show up at one of the regular meetings or contact Cameron. The dues are $50 per boat and include all members of the crew.

However, if you are not leaving until 2016 or later, wait until the first meeting of the Fleet of 2016, which will be held at the Scottish Cultural Centre on September 22.

Photo attribution:  Hals (Vorsegel) 1” by btr – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.


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