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Vancouver Fleet Report: February 2017

Cameron and Marianne McLean, Vancouver Fleet Coordinators

Seabird 37
March 4th, 2017

More than thirty five people attended the February 28 meeting of the Fleet. It was a presentation dealing with medical problems offshore.

Presenters were:

  • Paramedics Ryan Shellborn and Kris Jones of Makoolis, who are heading South this August and bound for Antartica over the next few seasons
  • Terry Raappana their friend, paramedic of 41 years and offshore sailor
  • Nurses Julie Dunne and Elena Crippen from our own Fleet

Ryan provided an overview of the topic and Kris explained the contents of sample first aid kits ranging from simple to complex.

The Fleet was divided into four groups that rotated from one station to another. The first two stations were equipped with all of the bandages, steri strips, and cleaning agents that one might find in a well-equipped first aid kit. The participants were able to try out the supplies as they were instructed. The splint station had all types so they could practice dealing with different breaks. At the medical problems station there was a discussion and question and answer session dealing with possible problems that might arise offshore.

The presenters manned the four stations:

Station 1:  Kris showed how to deal with minor cuts, abrasions and burns:

Station 2: Terry explained treatment of major wounds and control of bleeding:

Station 3: Elena showed us methods of handling fractures and splints:

Station 4: Julie led a discussion on medical problems – cardiac, gastroenterological, allergies, skin damage, urinary, use of drugs and antibiotics, etc.:

After, when the group was re-seated for a summary from Ryan, one could hear a rustle coming from the tables of three of the stations. All the remaining supplies were being packed into bags. At the beginning of the session the participants had been given cards. Each of the bags had a card that matched one of those held by the participants, so everyone left the meeting with a free sample of first aid materials.

The next meeting of the Vancouver Fleet of 2017 will be on March 28 with Ken Gillstrom on Storm Tactics.


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