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Vancouver Fleet Report - February 2023

Cameron and Marianne McLean, Vancouver Fleet Coordinators

Seabird 37
March 4th, 2023

The February meeting of the Fleet of 2023 was a Zoom meeting at 1930h on Tuesday, February 28.

Bjarne Hansen put forward a fantastic presentation on Lithium Batteries: Pros and Cons and Troubleshooting. Some of the topics covered included safety and how to avoid electrocutions and fire, the importance of making an energy budget and measure consumption as well as  using charge controllers to regulate the charging of the batteries. Bjarne wrapped up his presentation by highlighting the pros and cons of using lithium batteries, including how they are lighter weight and have a longer lifespan than lead acid, but are more finicky about charging and more expensive. He also stressed how important it is to follow the ABYC E-13 standard when installing batteries.

The Vancouver Fleet meetings so far have been held in Zoom rather than hybrid meetings such as the ones held by the Vancouver Chapter. The number of Fleet members wishing to attend in person has been insufficient to warrant a hybrid meeting. We hope that the Solstice potluck meeting this past December 18 and the June barbecue coming up on June 27 at Spruce Harbour Marina, plus the extra social Zoom time before and after fleet meetings will make for enough interaction between Fleet members.

The next meeting of the Vancouver fleet will be on March 28 with Janet McKeown discussing Offshore Medical Issues.


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