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Vancouver Fleet Report - February and March 2024

Cameron McLean, Vancouver Fleet Coordinator

March 31st, 2024

Since the last update, the Vancouver Fleet has met on February 27 and March 26.

The February meeting started with introductions of new Fleet members and guests: Deb Bryant, Alan Crabtree, Kevin Swanson, Sue Chapman, Campbell Good and Doug Ibbot. 
Show and Tell was Campbell Good with an EasyAcc dehumidifier. It is much smaller, has a rotating disc with a fan. Cost was around $65 (Amazon). Campbell was followed by Kevin Towers with the book “Reading The Glass” about marine weather. Written by a captain, he says, and easy to read and understand. 
The evening’s program featured Gary Peacock and Karina McQueen of Sea Rover II on their voyage to Chile and Patagonia.

The March meeting started with Show and Tell. Kit Griffin spoke highly about Petzl head torches (red light version). Also multi tools. Deb Bryant showed us her new electric dingy motor, still under trials. Darrel and David Farrow enthused about Whole Milk Powder (available from Costco) sdswhich can make yogurt.  The program featured Denis Heinrichs and Rosario Passos of Counting Stars on their recent trip down the coast to join the Baja Ha-Ha.

All BCA members have received a request for information re offshore packages. If you are planning to leave this year, please send your information to Fleet Coordinator Cam MacLean. The deadline is April 30.


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