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Vancouver Fleet Report - January 2023

Cameron and Marianne McLean, Vancouver Fleet Coordinators

Seabird 37
March 4th, 2023

The January meeting of the Fleet of 2023 was a Zoom meeting at 1930h on Tuesday, January 24. In attendance were 17 fleet members and two guests.

Denis Heinrichs and Rosario Passos shared their experiences about crewing from La Paz, Mexico to Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, aboard Sea Rover II, a 1982 Oyster 435 Cutter rigged sloop.

Denis and Rosario shared stories about the preparation to leave Mexico, including the paperwork required to enter Galapagos Islands, the watch schedule of 3 hour on and 6 hours off, which proved superior to 4 hour alternating watches, the timing of the passage along with the boredom and lack of wind for extended periods. They also covered some lessons learned in terms of fuel tankage and the importance of calculating how much fuel can be used on passage to ensure that there’s fuel left to enter the destination port and the importance of power generation to ensure there is enough power to run all systems aboard, including charging devices such as laptops and cameras. They wrapped up the presentation by highlighting how important it was to have the captain set the expectations for the trip and how the camaraderie on board made the whole experience bearable.

The next meeting of the Vancouver fleet will be on February 28 with Bjarne Hansen discussing Lithium Batteries, Pros and Cons and Troubleshooting.


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