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Vancouver Fleet Report: October 2017

Cameron and Marianne McLean, Vancouver Fleet Coordinators

Seabird 37
November 6th, 2017

The second meeting of the Vancouver Fleet was held at the Scottish Cultural Centre on October 24. Twenty five people representing the twenty boats that have signed up already were in attendance.

There was a discussion of the Fleet committees and we now have a full complement for the program committee. They have an almost full schedule fleshed out for the rest of the year. The purchasing committee will report on suppliers that will give us discounts. There is still space for one or two new members for some of the other committees, but we have none for offshore packages and only one for VICE. Since the latter two are association-wide committees we are hoping to get one or both of the other chapters involved with them.

Show and Tell featured a 4,000 gallon per hour de-watering pump by Xylem and a show and guess – a mysterious device that looked like a heat exchanger, but with plumbing that wouldn’t work.

De-watering pump

The topic of the evening was Boat Electrics and Electrical Troubleshooting presented by Fleet member, John Neilson. He showed us good quality tools that make repairs and improvements easy, and where to get them. He explained the wire sizes and the currents they can carry. Boat wire is better than automotive wire. Other items covered were connectors, heat shrink, battery fuses, switches, etc.

When troubleshooting, having wiring diagrams saves a lot of time. Working step by step from the current source will usually find the problem.

The November meeting on the 28 will address Safety at Sea with David Cutcliffe.


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