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Connie Morahan, VI Fleet Coordinator

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April 7th, 2015

VI Fleet

At their March 11th meeting, VI Fleet had a group discussion about wind vanes and autopilots.  Three offshore cruisers talked about their experience with different kinds of watermakers at the next Fleet meeting on March 25th.  There was an extra session in March at the Yachttech shop on rigging, and a short course was offered there on hollow braid splicing.  As well, members participated in a couple of days of tours of each others’ boats to get ideas about setting up their boats for offshore, share information about solving problems, and anything else relevant.

The topic for the April 8th meeting at RVYC will be satellite communications for offshore, and on April 22nd the group will discuss anchoring equipment and techniques.  There will be an extra session on April 15th at UK Sailmakers on assessing and repairing sails, and tours of more Fleet members’ boats on April 11th and 18th.

VI Weather Group

In March the VI weather group had a presentation on weather in the tropics and sub-tropics, and de-briefed their virtual passage from Hawaii to San Diego.  At upcoming meetings in April, the group will have presentations on gap and promontory winds, tropical cyclone formation and avoidance, and will debrief their virtual passage from Mexico to Marquesas.

Where and When

Fleet meets at 1830h (6:30 p.m.) in the Discovery Room at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, 3475 Ripon Road, Victoria. Contact the Fleet Coordinators for additional information.


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