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Vancouver Island Fleet Report - April 2022

Al Kitchen - VI Fleet Coordinator

Huntingford 53 Ketch
April 26th, 2022

The BCA Vancouver Island Fleet wrapped up the year with a presentation on Weather Routing using Open CPN.

The VI Fleet Coordinators cooperated on this project with an introduction to Open CPN and how it compares and complement other navigation options by Daragh Nagle followed by a look at Weather Routing offshore using the plugins available with Open CPN and Grib Weather files by Al Kitchen. It was helpful that several in the audience had experience with Open CPN and Zoom as they were able to assist in sorting out an Open CPN / Zoom screen sharing glitch as well as demonstrate other assets available for offshore cruisers planning their departures. Special thanks to Mike Hiscock for “expanding the horizon”.

Marina Steele warmed the audience up with a “potential marriage saver”, a miniature Korean built washing machine that has not only saved them water but also relieved this cruising family of five from countless hours of washing in a large plastic wash tub; I’ll mention cruising with three kids in cloth diapers and leave the rest to your imagination.

With our formal meetings complete we now look forward to the VI Fleet Rendezvous being held at Otter Bay on Pender Island April 22nd-24th in conjunction with an Alert Marine First Aid course organized by VI Fleet members.

Daragh and I have enjoyed another wonderful year with the VI Fleet of dreamers and now look forward to the cruising season (and hopefully the demise of Covid and all it entails!).



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