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Vancouver Island Fleet Report: December 2018

Al Kitchen - VI Fleet Coordinator

Huntingford 53 Ketch
January 13th, 2019

On December 12 nine sailors from seven boats flashed up their laptops and other devices so that Rudy Witt could guide them through some of the possibilities of Open CPN. The group went from downloading charts and plotting routes to a look at various plug-ins including how to use Google earth to correct the positions of faulty charting as well as overlaying Radiofax and GRIB files to see weather predictions for regions of concern. Given that the group had different people with different devices running different operating systems and individual issues to address it was fortunate that the group was small so that Rudy could address these issues as they came up.

Chris Stask gave us a look at the Tidesmarine low friction mast track system he is having installed on Inceptus to facilitate smooth and easy deployment and dousing of his main sail. This system appears very smooth running and attaches directly to most existing mast track systems so it was of particular interest to the group.

Gord Wolfe is coordinating the BCA booth volunteers at the Boat Show on Saturday February 9 and still has spaces available.

We are looking forward to the January 9 presentation on heavy weather sailing, auto pilots and wind vanes by Tony Gooch, followed by the conclusion of the Offshore Sail Trim presentation.


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