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Vancouver Island Fleet Report: February 2017

Connie Morahan, VI Fleet Coordinator

Cookie Cutter
Peterson 36 Cutter
March 4th, 2017

The Fleet meeting on February 8 was cancelled because of snow and has been rescheduled for late March.
At our meeting on February 22, Glen Wilson brought his Jordan Series Drogue for “show & tell” to demonstrate the usefulness of this item for heavy weather sailing. Campbell Thomson then gave a talk to over 30 Fleet members about “Watermakers and Alternate Energy Sources” and showed examples of related equipment from his business Trotac Marine. This was followed by the Weather Group debriefing their virtual passage from Hawaii to San Diego.

Jordan Series Drogue

The Fleet sessions scheduled for March are:

  • March 8 – Checking in and out of foreign countries
  • March 22 – Satellite-based offshore communication systems
  • March 25 & 26 – Fleet Boat Tours
  • March 29 – Electrical Systems


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