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Vancouver Island Fleet Report - January 2022

Al Kitchen - VI Fleet Coordinator

Huntingford 53 Ketch
January 28th, 2022

Our meeting this month started with a lengthy list of announcements as the group sorts out several activities targeting the cruising season this year. Philip and Michelle Cook volunteered to present February’s Show and Tell before Werner Kurz and Sarah Beukema told us about the many advantages of having their Motorola T600 “Talk About” walkie talkies.

Offshore Insurance has been a topic of great interest to many of us lately and on January 12th the Vancouver Island Fleet heard from Sean Thompson of Dolphin Insurance regarding the various regions of offshore insurance and the underwriters who are now happily covering these areas. Developing a resume of education and experience by cruisers is key. We learned that many traditional requirements have been rescinded and the underwriters targeting this market are finding it a worthwhile pursuit.

Returned circumnavigator Glen Wilson then discussed his approach to the need for offshore cruisers to ensure they have all the spare parts they can imagine they will need for their travels. He also highlighted the advantages of having the tools and training / experience to be able to affect the required repairs and maintenance yourself. A recurring theme in his presentation was that many foreign ports will have skilled people to do the work for you, but they are much less likely to have access to the required parts.

The year is shaping up to be an exciting adventure for our now 22 boat Fleet and with a little cooperation from the Gods of Viruses we’ll see a sizable cohort head south this summer. It continues to be a pleasure for Daragh and I to play our part in preparing these fine sailors in pursuit of their dreams.


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