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Vancouver Island Fleet Report - January 2024

Campbell Good and Bill Eisenhauer, VI Fleet Coordinators

February 11th, 2024

Everything you ever wanted to know about offshore insurance but were afraid to ask was asked at January’s VI Fleet meeting. And Sean Thompson of Dolphin Insurance had it covered.

With detailed tips on how to get the right coverage for your specific cruising needs, Sean detailed options for worldwide coverage or region-specific plans for the Med and Caribbean. He explained common terms and exclusions, and provided tips on how to help your insurance agent get you the best quote.

While each cruising situation and vessel is unique, there are some common takeaways:

  • Canadian-flagged vessels need to arrange insurance through a Canadian broker.
  • Best rates go to owners with strong sailing resumes, and it doesn’t have to be just as an owner. Prepare your resume including a detailed charter and crewing history, courses and certifications and any other relevant boating experience.
  • Include a detailed cruising itinerary. While you might not know every port of call, providing as much routing and timing info as you can at the time of quoting will help demonstrate your plans to reduce risk.
  • Let your broker know if you have a caretaker looking after your boat while you are away from far-flung marinas.
  • Consider a Liability Only policy if you don’t want coverage for your boat.
  • And most important of all, don’t forget to ask for your BCA discount.

A Fleet Rendezvous is in planned for April at Port Browning Marina.  Further information to come.

The weather group met again via Zoom with Max checking in from dry land this time but in the midst of the Vancouver International Boat Show.  We had excellent presentations on waves and swell and another on voyage planning.  The team was briefed on their next virtual passage which runs from Hawaii to California.

The next Fleet meeting is Wednesday, February 21 when BCA lifetime member and master welder Chris Stask will explain the intricacies of the metals we find on and in our vessels, how to care for them and the critical signs that signal necessary repair.


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