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Vancouver Island Fleet Report - March 2022

Al Kitchen - VI Fleet Coordinator

Huntingford 53 Ketch
March 26th, 2022

The V.I. Fleet welcomed another new member on Wednesday March 9 as Carl Homer was able to join our group virtually from Mid-Island. The introductory announcements covered Leaver’s packages, the BCA Fleet Map, the V.I. Fleet rendezvous, Vancouver Island Cruising Experience (VICE): the Vancouver Island circumnavigation shake-down cruise, and upcoming Education opportunities.

Mike and Shirley Hiscock enlightened the gang regarding three items they had discovered in their offshore preparations:

  • an electrical line tracer for chasing down where that elusive wire goes when you can only find one end of it
  • a solution to help avoid crevice corrosion due (in part) to side loading on an anchor swivel
  • a “Boomerang” device to ensure your anchor aligns into your bow roller correctly

Our last Show and Tell in April will feature Marina Steele & Rob Boeckh.

Philip and Michele Cook, Brent Alley and Barbara Lyall then presented their discussion regarding Provisioning with information on water sanitation and supply, cleansing of foods, galley set-up and safety, and unwanted critter avoidance.

Prior to adjourning the meeting, we held several Zoom polls to determine the group’s familiarity with Open CPN in preparation for the April meeting and held a group discussion regarding progress for the upcoming cruising season.


  1. Ricky Picanço says:

    Hey Al. Can you PM me via email. I would like to put in for a leaver’s package .

    1. Jennifer Handley says:

      Hi Ricky! You should have received an email this morning (Sunday) about the “application” process for a Leaver’s Package. If not, please check your SPAM folder. The email came from Vancouver Communications… Good luck with your prep!

      1. Ricky Picanço says:

        Thanks Jennifer. I just found it now 🙏.

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