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Vancouver Island Fleet Report - November 2023

Campbell Good and Bill Eisenhauer, VI Fleet Coordinators

December 4th, 2023

The VI Fleet’s November focus was Provisioning.

We had a great presentation by Brent Alley and Sonia Crawshaw, with additional input from Barb Lyall and Jennifer Handley.  Topics included:

  • Who Are You Provisioning For?
  • Fair Trade for Food
  • Factors to Consider When Stocking the Vessel
  • Galley Equipment List
  • Gimbaled Stove & Harness
  • Review Your Cooking Equipment
  • Storage
  • Stocking
  • Menu Planning
  • Inventory
  • Supplements
  • Cautions
  • Foul Weather
  • Recipes
  • Local Foods

The Show and Tell part of the evening included:

  • First hand knowledge of how hard it is to see a man overboard pole and a large fender in “sporty” conditions (Campbell).
  • Using a Selma Fid for making soft shackles (Devin).
  • First hand experience setting off an expired parachute flare (Shawn and Janis).
  • Bonus:  Virtually meeting Larissa and Duncan’s West African street cat.

This month’s Weather session may have been the first time that the coordinator ran the group from a boat on passage.  Max was aboard June, BCA members Peter and Natalie Hunt’s Nautitech catamaran.   Using Starlink, Max was able to host the Zoom meeting which included a review of members’ virtual passage from the tropics to New Zealand.

The next Fleet meeting on December 13 will be a panel of returning cruisers.


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