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Vancouver Island Fleet Report: September 2018

Al Kitchen - VI Fleet Coordinator

Huntingford 53 Ketch
October 18th, 2018

On September 26 we convened the initial gathering of the 2018-19 Vancouver Island Fleet group. It was a relatively small group when compared to previous years with 11 people registering from 7 boats. We are anticipating other arrivals in October as we have had commitments from some of last year’s attendees from Nanaimo.

Lionel Dobson was in attendance to enlighten the gathering regarding upcoming education opportunities he has scheduled and Connie Morahan presented the format and introduction for the upcoming weather season seeking commitments from attendees for the various topics to be covered. Larry Roberts will be taking over the weather group this year however he is still out cruising and was unable to join us at this meeting.

Our “show & tell” for this meeting was greatly enhanced due to a donation from Brent Alley and Barbara Lyall of their expired Avon 6 person life raft which was activated successfully in spite of its age. The witnesses now have great motivation to learn everything they can to ensure they never have the need to be climbing into one of these lovely devices in nasty seas for an undetermined time.

October 17th saw us enjoying one of the perpetually interesting events of the fleet year as we hear a panel of returned cruisers gift us with their knowledge learned from the last year. More on that later.


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