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Will You Be My Valentine Volunteer?

As BCA’s Volunteer Coordinator, I have a heart-felt request to make of you! Please consider filling one of these essential jobs, some of which are Vancouver-based; all of which are critical to the ongoing successful running of the Association. If a position’s purpose and skills match yours, please contact me ASAP.

Association-wide Positions

Currents Photo Editor

This position supports the work of the Managing Editor (who reports to the Board), but the work is done in the comfort of your home. For more information and to apply, please contact Rosario Passos. [1]

Offshore Packages Team

Vancouver Fleet Coordinator, Cam McLean and Past Commodore, Jennifer Handley, are looking for 5-6 volunteers to coordinate and assemble ‘bon voyage’ packages for those who are going offshore this year. This work has traditionally been done by a small Vancouver Fleet committee but it has been suggested that BCA ‘Doners’ might be interested in this project as they have the offshore experience and know what kinds of goodies might be appreciated by the leavers. Please contact Cam [2] or Jennifer [3] for further information and to volunteer.

Vancouver Chapter Positions

Vancouver Communications Watchkeeper

The Communications position provides communications support to the Chapter’s membership through various media, e.g., email, PowerPoint, posters, and the BCA website.

Knowledge / Skills Required for the Position

Vancouver Education Watchkeeper

The Education position identifies, develops, and coordinates the delivery of annual education program for the Chapter. This position coordinates with the Speakers’ Watchkeeper.

Knowledge / Skills Required for the Position

Note: The Education Watchkeeper will be mentored, including training on how to use Calendar & Events on the BCA website.

Vancouver Rendezvous Coordination Team

This team position is responsible for organising and hosting the August Rendezvous.

Knowledge / Skills Required for the Position

To apply for any of these Vancouver Chapter positions, please contact Vancouver Vice Commodore Stephen Carlman [4].

One Final Request

BCA is a volunteer-run organization so it needs members to assist with administration and the delivery of services, programs and activities. In exchange for time and energy, volunteers benefit in lots of different ways, from a deeper sense of belonging, to new friendships, to free club night admission for Directors and Watchkeepers, to burgees for Board and some Watchkeeper positions. Please take one minute to complete this brief, online Volunteer Form [5] if you haven’t already done so. Your help (skills, interests and/or time) are needed to help BCA deliver on its Vision statement: mentoring, support and realizing cruising dreams.

With thanks to BCA members including Bob Wheeldon and John Pedersen, who have already stepped up to fill recent vacancies.  You both deserve a box of chocolates!

Photo credit: https://artbeautifulcloth.deviantart.com/art/Colorful-Floral-Heart-540505296