The Official Magazine of the Bluewater Cruising Association

"Do You Anchor at Night?" and Other Passage Queries

Mary Kruger

Fraser 41

10 More Things Learned While Sailing To Mexico

Greg and Lori Bernard

Sabre 42CB (centerboard)

100 Days to La Paz: Lessons Learned

Sarah Beukema and Werner Kurz

Lavranos 50

A Kiwi Christmas

Henk and Lisa Benckhuysen

Express 37 Sloop

A New Resource for Would-be Offshore Women Sailors

Laurence Roberts and Mary Anne Unrau

Traversay III
Waterline 43', Cutter-rigged steel hull

Aerobics At Sea

Ann Lange

Cat's-Paw IV
Fast Passage, 40, Cutter rigged

Arepas, Sancocho and Cerveza: a Lament for Venezuela

Hugh & Heather Bacon

Argonauta I
Beneteau 440

Australia: The Top End

Hugh & Heather Bacon

Argonauta I
Beneteau 440

Back in the Land of the Cactii

Barb Peck & Bjarne Hansen

Hoku Pa'a
Niagara 35

Best-Before Dates, Sailing, and Retreating Horizons

Nello and Sheridan Angerilli

Beneteau Idylle 1150 sloop