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Fiberglass, Epoxies & More: How, When & Why to Use

Douglas College, 700 Royal Avenue, New Westminster

09 Feb 2019 1300h - 1700h  

Members $45 / Non-Members $55

If you find the photograph intimidating, you need to register for this 1/2 day introductory workshop about the vast types of materials and techniques used for making small and large fibreglass repairs.

Topics to be covered include:

  • basic boat construction
  • common failures and problems
  • types of materials to use
  • how to fix failures
  • basic techniques
  • materials
  • hazards and safety

Due to time restraints there will be no hands-on opportunities.  Bring your questions and ideas for projects.

Greg Yellenik is an experienced technician and instructor at Douglas College.

For More Information and to Register – Click Here


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  1. Heather Marshall Heather Marshall says:

    Darn and Drat! It’s the Saturday of the Vancouver Boat Show. Now I have to make choices: Boat show? Women’s Day at the Boat Show? About three different seal gatherings for different sailing groups that I belong to? Or the Fibreglass and Epoxy course? Didja have to pick THAT day?

    1. Avatar Jennifer Handley says:

      Heather, you can always come to the Fiberglass offered by VI on Sat Mar 9. It will be in Sidney and I’m sure someone could pick you up / drop you off at the ferry terminal… One less choice then on Boat Show weekend 🙂

      1. Avatar Anonymous says:

        Thanks Jennifer! I’ve actually attended the course offered by VI, and it was excellent.