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Hand and Sewing Machine Sail Repair

Evolution Sail Loft, 150 McLean Dr #200C, Vancouver

25 Jan 2020 1000h -1700h   - This course is sold out

Members $145 / Non-Members $250

Evolution Sail Loft

Gain hands-on training and knowledge of sail repair. Learn how to identify wear and problem areas, how to mend using both sewing machine as well as hand sewing.  Learn offshore techniques for mending and problem management.

This course will also cover equipment requirements, proper fit and use of the palm, hand stitching techniques, including stitching on webbing and ropes. For offshore preparation, Nicole will cover  how to do sail repair where a machine is not available, emergency repairs and longer-term fixes.

Space is limited to ensure participants can practice and get one-on-one attention.

Bring Your Own Sail

Bring your own sail to gain insights into identification of issues and repair. Nicole will choose examples and provide guidance to the class for repair strategies and techniques; and she will provide insights and feedback into your specific sail repair questions and issues. 

Note: due to time and space limitations, it is possible that not all sails will be addressed.

About the Instructor

Learn from the best in the Industry:  Nicole caught the sailing bug in 1968 and hasn’t left the ocean since.  She started working in the sail-making industry in 1974 for Thunderbird Sails.  Over a 30 year career of building sails, she has worked for 5 sail-makers, including 10 years each with international companies.  One ‘claim to fame’ is building a Star Class set that won the World Championships!  She has built sails in size ranging from the 89’ Schooners’ Marble Head Class, to radio controlled boats.  An avid racer, Nicole has logged over 20,000 hrs on the race course.  

For More Information and to Register – Click Here

Please Note - this course is sold out


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