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Mid-Island Sail Training (MIST) 2019

Mark Bay (Newcastle Island) and Georgia Strait

10 May 2019 1700h to 12 May 2019 1700h

Members $10 / Non-Members N/A

Rob Dodge

The Bluewater Cruising Association’s Mid-Island Group (Vancouver Island Chapter) is pleased to host the sixth annual Mid-Island Sail Training (MIST) on-the-water event in Nanaimo, May 11-12, 2019.

MIST is dedicated to the development of traditional sailing skills by practicing in the “great water laboratory” at our doorstep, rather than by theory in a classroom setting or by relying on the latest technology to save the day. MIST is also a weekend of camaraderie and fun, starting with happy hour on the Friday evening and a potluck dinner on Saturday, both hosted by Grace and Rob Dodge at their home on Protection Island.

The focus this year will be to critically look at our boats to identify breakdowns and failures before they occur, learn how to minimize them and how to deal with them after they happen because, as Nigel Calder says, “If it ain’t broke, just wait.”

The topic for Sunday will be heavy weather sailing tactics, reefing, heaving-to and drogues with time on the water to practice.

The program always seems to evolve with the interests and needs of the participants so don’t be afraid to request any non-electronic training you may want.

The weekend is an excellent hands-on training experience on its own; it is also a good excuse to get out and use the boat early in the season!  All Fleet members in all Chapters are encouraged to attend; non-Fleet members who are BCA members in good standing are also welcome.

Course and Registration Information

For additional information click here.  Please note that MIST is limited to 22 people.  Advance registration is mandatory – please email or phone Rob.  Cost per participant is $10, payable upon arrival.

For More Information and to Register – Click Here


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