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Ocean Cruising Adventures Series - Around the World in Seven Years

HR McMillan Space Centre, 1100 Chestnut St., Vancouver, BC

27 Feb 2015 1930h - 2200h  

Members $10 / Non-Members $15

Julie Salisbury

Face the fear with Julie Salisbury as she takes you on a journey at sea encountering sharks and jelly fish, complete darkness alone 1,000 miles from land, battling Malaria, a debilitating back injury, and being jilted in Malaysia and left alone with no money, friends or home. Join her as she faces the fear of storms at sea in the Pacific Ocean. Celebrate as she embraces the attitude of gratitude of all the people she met in the third world and learn from her lessons of positive thinking as she learns to trust her intuition.

Julie’s unconventional seven year journey around the world starts in South Africa where she purchased a sailboat with her best friend. They take off first to Madagascar where she encounters giant land tortoise, tame lemurs and people with no computers or cell phones, but warm generous hearts. In East Africa she celebrates the Millennium in Zanzibar and be-friends Masai Mara and prepares to provision for 6 months at sea with no refrigeration. The Indian Ocean proves to be a long passage of 35 days before arriving at Chagos for 3 months of desert island living, including the lost art of harvesting heart of palm and hunting giant coconut crabs. In Thailand and Malaysia she finds a way to make a living doing back packer trips and exploring the islands where sea gypsies live. Join Julie as she shows pictures of these adventures and more as she shares her seven year journey around the world.

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