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Passage Making

Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery St

01 Feb 2020 0930h-1630h to 02 Feb 2020 0930h-1630h

Members $180 / Non-Members $200

Ken and Carol Gillstrom

Passage Making is a multi topic two day seminar. From the psychology of leaving to living in cramped quarters, the Gillstroms bring deep knowledge and experience into this conversation. Over the two days, they will cover broad and relevant subjects. This is an excellent seminar for all sailors, couples, whether dreamers or committed and planning their journey.

Some of the topics covered include: the psychology of passage making, pros and cons of hull shapes, deck layouts, sail plans & rigs as well as navigational aids, electronics, communications systems, safety & survival.  Over the two days you will learn about weather basics such as air movement, global patterns, highs and lows and forecasting as well as tides and currents.  Sail dynamics will be covered to understand force, balance and trim.

Ken and Carol will be available for Q&A at both lunch hours and at the end of each day.  Get answers that relate to your individual situation and needs.

About the Instructors

Ken and Carol Gillstrom have prepared for, and executed, hundreds of successful passages over the past 25 years ranging from a few days through weeks at sea, across the Atlantic and Pacific, from Vancouver to Alaska, from Panama to Newfoundland.  Every passage brings different challenges. Even the same passage at a different time of year will present new challenges.  They are engaging and informative experienced presenters with a wealth of knowledge.

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