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Preparing your Sails for a Long Journey

Evolution Sail Loft 150 McLean Dr #200C Vancouver

30 Jan 2020 18:00h -21:00h   

Members $35 / Non-Members $50

Evolution Sail Loft

There is a lot to consider when planning a long trip, be it an offshore or extended local cruising excursion.  In this informal evening, the presenter will outline what you need to do to prepare your sails for a long journey. This course is being offered by Evolution Sails in a three hour interactive session.

Discussions will include preparing your sails for durability and typical sail inventory as well as  ‘on the water’ sail repair techniques.  Nicole will address questions about inspection of each sail and what sailmakers look for to reinforce sails for offshore wear and tear and will use actual sails as examples when appropriate.  She will cover a variety of materials such as offshore quality dacrons,  spinnaker nylons and  canvas.  Vinyl windows will be passed around and discussed.   The typical questions on heavy weather jibs, light air ‘code 0’ sails or how many reefs should there be in the mainsail  will be covered.  The evening will also touch on storm sails and how they are set up.

Time and interest permitting, Nicole will go through a basic sail repair kit including typical additional items required.  This presentation will cater to the needs and interests of the class and questions will be welcome throughout.  You are encouraged to bring your own sails for discussion points if time permits.

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