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Vancouver Club Night - Traversay III “Romps” Across the Atlantic

Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson St., Vancouver

09 Oct 2019 1900 - 2200  

Members $5 / Non-Members $10

“During the time when Traversay III was being built in Sidney, 20 years ago, we visited St. Katharine’s marina next to Tower Bridge in the middle of London. We had always wanted to spend a few winters docked there. So … years later and while we were in Australia, we formed a plan to try to get all the way to London by October 1st of the following year which is when the ‘Winter Contract’ begins. It was while we were in Mauritius that the plan became more elaborate (as plans do!). Would we be able to make a side-trip? Could we take Traversay III up the St. Lawrence River all the way to Niagara and still get to London by October 1st? We had close family members in Nova Scotia and Ontario who had been hearing about Traversay III for years but would likely never see her. We wanted to cruise another of Canada’s three coasts.

This presentation is about the realization of the second part of the trip. It’s about leaving beautiful Bermuda on Saturday and suddenly feeling the bite of the cold, harsh waters of the North Atlantic on Tuesday. It’s about getting to Lunenburg in April and discovering the docks were not yet in the water – and folks thought we were too early for sailing season in Quebec. Yet, by August we had trouble finding enough water to float our boat in eastern Ontario and it felt late to be leaving Canada for Ireland in mid-August.

The presentation is also about the warmth of home… it’s about being invited to anchor in St. Margaret’s Bay outside brother Bill Roberts home near Peggy’s Cove, about our ride in Grandpa’s ancient model A at the family peach farm in Niagara-on-the-Lake and about taking our three tiny grandchildren on their first trip on Granny’s boat.

Relatives helped us manage the locks going both directions. In Cape Breton we heard fiddle music at a Celeidh in the community centre, we sang ‘newfie’ songs in St.Johns, we heard an aged story teller practice his entry for a storytelling competition in Crookhaven Ireland, rode on the steam train in Dartmouth and visited Queen Victoria’s summer home on the Isle of Wight, and finally, on the hottest 1st of October for many years, we motored up the Thames and saw the Tower Bridge in front of us. We had managed to realize our dream.”

About the Presenters

Larry Roberts and Mary Anne Unrau have been sailing their Waterline 43 cutter all over the world since they first launched her 19 years ago.  They have sailed more than 120,000 miles, they have crossed every meridian, sailed south to Antarctica, north to Spitzbergen, squeezed through the ice in the North-West Passage and recently sailed to Townsville, Australia non-stop from Victoria so they could do some scuba diving and continue to explore the islands around Australia. Their Pacific circuit took them out to the Coral Sea and over to New Zealand before heading across to Valdivia and Puerto Natales, Chile and home to Victoria via Honolulu.

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