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Vancouver Island South - Special Event: Electricity, Electrolysis and Galvanic Corrosion

Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Main Lounge, 3475 Ripon Rd., Victoria, BC

10 Feb 2015 1930h  

Members Free / Non-Members Free

Roger Palmer, P. Eng
Galvanic cell diagram

Come and hear all you ever wanted to know about Electricity, Electrolysis and Galvanic Corrosion presented by Roger Palmer, P. Eng.

This educational seminar is brought to you through Royal Victoria Yacht Club Cooperative Education Program. It is expected to be a very popular topic so attendance is limited to 10 Bluewater Cruising Association members.  If it is overwhelmingly popular, another session may be arranged.

The seminar is free but please pre-register on the Royal Victoria Yacht Club site or call 250-592-2441.

For More Information and to Register – Click Here


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  1. Avatar Dave Bowman says:

    Brian Shorter,

    Hello Brian,

    I’ve just been made aware of your Feb 10th seminar by Brian Short (!) at Bluewater Cruising. He was aware of my potential interest because primarily of my recent move from 50 years in fibreglass sail to aluminum hulled planning power (Eaglecraft).

    My particular interests include: the particular galvanic issues around aluminum hulls, modern so-called “fail-safe” galvanic isolators and their testing, induced galvanic suppressors (very hesitant), and issues related to a solar installation I’m currently undertaking, such as fully understanding proper setup characteristics of the (Midnite Solar Kid) MPPT controller.

    Am planning to drive down from Nanaimo to attend (the announcement in “Currents” did not state time, but your helpful RVYC operator tells me it is 1930 hrs ); unless it is felt that coverage of my interests above would be very limited? Please feel free to share with Roger Palmer, and either feel free to phone my cell 250-714-8911.

    Your operator assures me space not an issue if I were to arrive at least 1/2 hr ahead?

    Thanks in advance,
    Dr. David Bowman

  2. Adam Wanczura Adam Wanczura says:

    This seminar is offered by the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. It is open to RVYC members, and in conjunction with the inter-club Cooperative Education Program, ten seats have been made available to Bluewater Cruising Association members who register by phone. CEP participants are RVYC, BCA and Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. No further advance information is available. BCA members may have access to seminar notes after the presentation, if this can be arranged.