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VI South Club Night - Eleven Years on the Old Man’s Old Boat

Royal Victoria Yacht Club -- Main Lounge

19 Feb 2019 7pm  

Members $5 / Non-Members $10

Peter McMartin

In 1982, after eight years of boat building, Les and Audrey Shortreed launched their 36’ sloop Island Prism. When Les passed away, the boat went to their oldest son Jim. Dreaming of bluewater sailing over post-hockey beers, Jim turned fantasy into solid plans, and in 2007 he and Island Prism left the shores of Canada to search for adventure and romance. He found both.

On the tropical Island of Vava’u, Tonga, Jim met Andrea. Paradise island-hopping was wonderful fun—but how did the love triangle of man, woman and boat fare when international passages became part of the equation? After all, seasickness and marine heads are not the stuff of romance—but the freedom gained from a life at sea can help make dreams come true.

Find out about Jim’s non-stop 68-night solo sail from Thailand to New Zealand. Discover how to sail across the Pacific the wrong way, see how Andrea found her passion for art reignited by cruising life and learn how to survive on a small boat with no means to chill your wine. There’s also a love story.


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