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VI South Club Night - Exploring “The Forgotten Middle”

Royal Victoria Yacht Club - Main Lounge

16 Oct 2018 7:00pm  

Members $5 / Non-Members $10

Peter McMartin

Cruising Central America from Pacific El Salvador to Caribbean Belize via the Panama Canal

Turquoise seas, tropical jungles, Mayan ruins, bustling markets, friendly people, diverse, indigenous culture, deserted beaches, exotic wildlife, numerous volcanoes (300+), and challenging but uncrowded and accessible cruising grounds; “Middle,” or Central, America is steadily gaining a positive reputation as one of the more unique, interesting, and welcoming sailing destinations in the world!

Long plagued by a violent history, political instability and crippling poverty, since the advent of “la Paz” (the peace) in the mid 1990’s, Middle America has become a friendlier, easier and…most importantly, safer place to cruise.

Join Steve Nash as he shares pictures and stories of the journey of he and his wife, Tricia Nash, aboard Kuyima, their Waterline 47, as they make their way from southern Mexico, across the infamous Gulf of Tehuantepec to Pacific Central America, through the Panama Canal, then north in the Western Caribbean to Belize and Caribbean Mexico.

BCA members Steve and Tricia Nash spend winters cruising tropical waters aboard Kuyima, and summers operating SeaRoom Yachting and Sailing School, which offers coastal and offshore sail and power training.

Steve is a charter Captain and advanced sail and power instructor with the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association (CRYA) and IYT. Tricia is a former commercial pilot and now a converted, and experienced, offshore sailor.

**If you have not yet received your 40th anniversary glasses, they will be available at this event. These laser engraved tumblers are a gift from the Vancouver Island Watch to VI members in commemoration of this important year in BCA history.**


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