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Vancouver Island South - Special Event: Exploring BC's Coastal Wilderness by Kayak

Royal Victoria Yacht Club, 3475 Ripon Road, Victoria, BC

04 Feb 2015 1930h  2030h

Members Free / Non-Members Free

Royal Victoria Yacht Club, 250.592.2441

For five seasons, Mikhail Belikov has explored the Great Bear Rainforest wilderness by kayak, starting with two expeditions to its southern fringes and then focusing on Princess Royal Island in the heart of the area, a home to a variety of wild creatures, including the famous Kermode or Spirit Bears.

In this presentation, Mikhail will share his experiences and encounters. He will also address preparations for wilderness travel, as well as equipment and techniques for wilderness photography.

Whether you have already visited BC’s coastal wilderness or would like to experience it vicariously, this will be a splendid presentation. The event is hosted by Royal Victoria Yacht Club’s Cruising Committee.

No registration is required.



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