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Vancouver Fleet Report: December

Rosario Passos

Counting Stars
Whitby 42 Ketch
January 7th, 2016

I always look forward to the December Fleet meeting in Vancouver. You see, every year (and I have been in Fleet for a couple now) Cam and Marianne open their home (and cellar) to all Fleet members to host a potluck dinner to celebrate the festive season. This year was no different, and the Vancouver Fleet meeting was held on December 15 at the McLean’s. As usual, the potluck included delicious food, great company and a great tasting of some of Cam’s featured wines.

Cam's well stocked wine cellar

Cam’s well stocked wine cellar

Most Fleet members attended the event, as did some Doers, who are currently cruising. It was delightful to have some past fleet members share some of their fun and harrowing stories. There were tales of great courage, great fun and food, and great camaraderie. Of course, I tried to convince them to write pieces for Currents: you know who you are!

Most Vancouver Fleet members attended the December potluck dinner at the McLean's

Most Vancouver Fleet members attended the December potluck dinner at the McLean’s

Santa and his Elf were clad in their maritime attire and helped ensure that the party went on without a glitch.

Santa and his Elf

Santa and his Elf

On behalf of the Vancouver Fleet of 2016 I would like to thank Cam and Marianne for their lovely hospitality and all the volunteers that helped with preparation and clean-up. You rock!

The next Fleet meeting will take place on January 26, at the Scottish Cultural Centre, and it will be chaired by the Program Committee. Cam and Marianne will be in Mexico and with luck, meeting some of our cruising members.

The program for the evening will feature a panel of doners dealing with some offshore lifestyle basic topics as follows:

  • Physical Home – Sell, Rent, Leave Vacant
  • Pets – Onboard, Give Away, Euthanize
  • Boat Insurance – Comprehensive, Liability Only, None
  • Health and Dental Insurance – MSP, Extended Medical and Dental including Providers, None
  • Health and Dental Care Resources – Adequately Trained Medical Personnel, How do you find them?
  • Taxation – CRA, Foreign Governments
  • Money – Cash, Credit Cards, Access to Funds, Banking Arrangements, Form of Currency
  • Cost of Cruising – Food, Household Goods, Clothing, Entertainment, Marinas/Docking, Fuel, Boat Parts, Communications, etc., etc., etc.
  • Budgets and Contingencies
  • Personal and Boat Security
  • Safe Places to Leave your Boat
  • Mail Forwarding – Commercial Services, Family, Friends
  • Finances – Work Offshore, Savings, Paying Crew
  • Administration of Personal Affairs Back Home
  • Communication Means (Voice and Data)
  • Service / Parts Locations


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