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Vancouver Fleet Report: February 2018

Cameron and Marianne McLean, Vancouver Fleet Coordinators

Seabird 37
March 4th, 2018

The February  meeting of the Vancouver Fleet was held on February 27 at the Scottish Cultural Centre.

Show and Tell included a WatchMate XB-8000 AIS transponder, a mid sized drone, Off shore Personal Survival Course with David Sutcliffe, and a Pacific Ocean planning chart by British Admiralty.

The program was Heavy Weather Sailing with Christof Marti, owner and chief instructor of Simply Sailing, who gave a wonderful talk sharing his experiences including challenges sailing the Pacific and Atlantic. He told us to know how to access one’s forecasts and said “fix it before you leave or you will fix it on the ocean”. He described the Duchman boom brake and demonstrated a trysail. He spoke about tactics:

  • passive – heaving to and lying ahull
  • active – forereaching

He described drogues and suggested a  back up rudder such as a windvane.

The program for March 27  will be Sarah and Will Curry of Hydrovane on Tips and Traps.


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  1. Avatar Herm Rubzow says:

    Hi Cameron, freinds of ours would like to take a cruise and learn course for a week in the PNW. They are novices who have been with us on a few charters and on our boat a few times in the gulf islands. Up until now they showed no interest in sailing. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can point them to?
    Thanks… Herm & Shelley, SV Gecko.

    1. Avatar Peter Simpson says:

      Hi Herm I am a long-time member of BCA. I am down here in NZ running a charter now and will be back in Victoria on April 7. I teach SC cruising and CPS radio courses in the Gulf Is and Victoria off my boat Tula. Please have your friends visit or email me at

    2. Hi Herm and Shelley, I passed your comment onto Cam. Hopefully he will respond soon.

      1. Avatar Cameron McLean says:

        Tulasailing sounds like a good deal.

  2. Avatar Yvonne Harwood says:

    Good Morning Cam and Marianne:
    Keep up the good work. Your tireless efforts to educate wannabe offshore sailors contributes greatly to their chances of returning to our fold happy and in one piece.

    Congratulations to you both for everything you do for B.C.A. and offshore sailors.

    s.v. OSTARA