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Vancouver Fleet Report - March 2021

Cameron and Marianne McLean, Vancouver Fleet Coordinators

Seabird 37
April 7th, 2021

The Vancouver Fleet of 2021 held the third meeting of the year via Zoom on March 30. The usual Show and Tell session featured a few items:

  • Hypervent
  • Shark drogue
  • Coligo line terminators
  • Ocean Signal MOB – AIS beacons

The Board of Directors has approved the distribution of leaver packages, therefore, the Leavers’ Package Fleet Committee is now working hard at getting the packages ready.

The program for the evening covered the topic of Electronic Navigation. The conversation got started with the sharing of the results of the Electronic Navigation survey carried out by the Fleet group.

Once there was an idea of the electronic navigation systems that were being used, the crews from five boats, recently returned from offshore, shared their respective set-ups and discussed what worked well for each one of them and their cruising style. The presenters were:

  • Gary Peacock – Sea Rover II
  • Glen Wilson – Danica
  • Rob Murray –  Avant
  • Max Shaw –  Fluenta
  • Paul Guenette –  Aramis

Vancouver Fleet Weather Group

The Fleet’s weather program continues on April 17 with presentations from members on weather topics.

The next regular Fleet meeting will be April 27 starting at 1900 hours. The topic for the evening is yet to be determined.


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