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Vancouver Fleet Report - November and December 2022

Cameron and Marianne McLean, Vancouver Fleet Coordinators

Seabird 37
January 4th, 2023

The November meeting of the Fleet of 2023 was a Zoom meeting at 1930 hours on Tuesday, November 29. The topic was a panel discussion on shipyard work at home and offshore.

Local:  Marilyn Sanford, Rhonda Schuller and Barb Angel provided detailed checklists for local shipyard boat preparation work from the owner’s perspective. Skookum Yacht Services provided advice on the same from the shipyard perspective.

Offshore:   Jean Baillargeon, Kit Griffin and Rob Murray recounted shipyard and long-term storage experiences in Mexico and South Pacific, including cyclone pit use, boat purchase and repair problems in Tahiti, and comparative marina costs in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

The Solstice Fleet Potluck on the 18th of December was a happy gathering. It was fun to finally see and talk to some of our other Fleet members face to face. We were greeted by a blue clad Santa Claus complete with fluffy beard. It brought back what had come to be a tradition when Dale Gebhard as Santa and his partner Lana Wong dressed as Santa’s elf met us at the door.

Santa and Santa’s Elf – Vancouver Fleet Christmas Potluck 2014

Sadly, we lost Lana last month, but having Dale there brought her back to us. The costumes that Lana and Dale wore were made by Lana specially for the potluck occasions. One of Lana’s last thoughts – she had always been very active in BCA – was to ask Dale to present the Santa suit to the Fleet as a gift from her.

The Vancouver Fleet thanks Past Commodore, Leslie, and her husband Don for hosting our final gathering of 2022.


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