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Vancouver Fleet Report: October 2016

Cameron and Marianne McLean, Vancouver Fleet Coordinators

Seabird 37
November 3rd, 2016

The second meeting of the Fleet of 2017 was at 1900 hours at the Scottish Cultural Centre on October 25. Our speakers were Fleet member Alex Brydon on vessel registration and Steve White on rigging with an emphasis on preparation for offshore.

Alex Brydon (left) speaking about vessel registration and Steve White (right) speaking about rigging.

Alex Brydon (left) speaking about vessel registration and Steve White (right) speaking about rigging.

As part of our show and tell Malcolm Wilkinson informed us of two interesting boats currently in Steveston :

  1. A replica of Joshua Slocum’s “Spray”, which will be there for 2 more weeks
  2. A wooden 1911 60-70’ pilot cutter, no winches, no freeboard, no lifelines and 11’draught – apparently ready to sail down the US coast in the next few weeks or so.

We all wished them best of luck.

Mike Davison who is an avid user of fold up bikes showed one by Dahon that he carries easily on his boat with an aluminum frame and  alloy chain instead of steel, so minimal rusting. The marine version is approx $700 and can be found at JV Cycles and Cambie Cycles.


British made, Bromptom’s are smaller,  more unstable because of small wheels, and are more expensive. MEC Origami is another nice design approximately $700.

There were more than 25 people in attendance representing 22 boats of which nine were leavers.

We had reports from the Fleet committees. The program committee has already scheduled a program for most of the Fleet year. The purchasing committee has arranged discounts on electronic equipment from Roton as well as life rafts and watermakers from Servitech. As for the BCA wide committees – we have four volunteers for VICE and still only two for offshore packages. We could use more volunteers to help out with the offshore packages. Unfortunately I don’t see any easy way to get the other chapters involved in the packages committee.

The next meeting of the Vancouver Fleet will be on on November 22 and the program for the evening is yet to be determined. If you are a Fleet member, stay tuned onto your email.


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