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VICE for Offshore Preparation

May 30th, 2024

There is no preparation for going offshore quite like being offshore! Each year VICE (Vancouver Island Cruising Experience) provides an opportunity for a group of BCA members to undertake a short offshore voyage in their own boat that gives a sense of what sailing offshore is all about. Read on to learn about this year’s VICE and how you can participate!

The boats head out from the west coast of Vancouver Island into the Pacific for two or three days, sailing towards a selected GPS destination before turning back. It’s a short shakedown cruise to test your boat and yourselves – cooking, eating, sleeping, using offshore systems, communicating and keeping watch at sea – the skills you will need when you leave on your dream voyage.

This year we are planning to arrive at Ucluelet public marina on July 12 to position for the cruise. Boats should plan to allow two or more days to arrive from the Victoria area. Anchoring in Barclay Sound e.g. Effingham Island, the day before the rendezvous is an option. The rendezvous is an opportunity to meet and greet, tour each other’s boats and provision.

Weather permitting, departure from Ucluelet is planned for July 13 targeting a virtual offshore destination between 100 and 150 NM generally westward. Exact duration and destination will be decided by the participating boats considering weather conditions and wind direction. Sailing with a group of boats provides security and support during the passage.

Nervous about going out alone or want to go on someone else’s boat? Crewing and mentoring opportunities may also be available; contact the coordinator to learn more.

The next VICE planning meeting is scheduled for mid-June. If you are interested in participating in VICE 2024 as a skipper or crew, contact Ken Russell, the VICE coordinator.


  1. Marlow Currie says:

    i would be very intersted in this. I either need some crew to assist me on my CS33
    I would be willing to crew with someone else

    1. Ken Russell says:

      Hi Marlow,
      Currently, we have an overabundance of people willing to be crew and an underabundance of boats. It would be great of you would be willing to join the VICE with your boat, you will have plenty of choices getting crew. Please contact me at for further information.
      Ken Russell
      2004 VICE Coordinator

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