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Here's the Buzz about Currents!

Edie Dittman

Alberg 37 Sloop
December 27th, 2014

Welcome to the first instalment to BCA’s new online Currents. Content will continue to be streamed throughout the month.

We appreciate that this is a new experience for you, and that receiving content online, and in chunks is different from receiving the magazine as a whole, finished product. We have set initial subscriptions for all recipients to a weekly digest and a monthly newsletter, but you can change your subscription, depending on how much or how little you want to read in one sitting. You can change your subscription preferences, or unsubscribe, using the link at the bottom of every email you receive from Currents.

Adapting to this new process can take a little time, and we encourage you to explore with curiosity and patience as we publish content over the rest of the month. We welcome your feedback and invite you to download/share content with your friends and community.



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