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2016 Offshore Packages Prepared "With Envy" by Vancouver Fleet Committee

Jennifer Handley

June 13th, 2016

In addition to preparing themselves and their boats for their own offshore adventures, a few members of the 2016 Vancouver Fleet have also served on the Offshore Packages Committee. They have dedicated time and energy to research, acquire and assemble packages for the BCA members who plan to set sail in search of bluewater, sometime this year.  This “graduation” package is a long-standing BCA tradition, and while not designed to contain the essentials for one’s voyage, the many diverse items fit into multiple categories (as do most things on a boat!); they are all useful, entertaining, informative, educational, relationship-saving and/or life-saving (the latter items hopefully never needed)!  While standard items, such as letters of introduction from the BCA Commodore, a BCA burgee, inflatable globe, USB stick and a waterproof case, are included every year, no two years are ever the same.

Kudos to the 2016 Offshore Packages Committee – Don Hutchison, Yvonne Harwood, Alice Kloosterboer, and advisor Past Commodore, Glenora Doherty – and Vancouver Fleet Coordinators, Cam and Marianne McLean, for a job well done!

BCA would like to acknowledge, with thanks, the generous donors who have contributed to the 2016 package.  Please extend your appreciation to these businesses when you have opportunity to do so:

Presentation of the Offshore Packages is always a special honour for the Commodore. Whenever possible, this happens at major BCA events, such as Rendezvous weekends, June Club Nights and Fleet parties, to allow the membership to offer their congratulations and good wishes.  Thirteen boats plan to leave this year, including:

  • Lemanee, Kadens, Muskoka, Bloom, Golden Hind IV, Mayaluga, Ultramarine, Harlequin (Vancouver Island)
  • Anduril, Southern Cross III, ACapella 1858, Ila May, and one still to be named vessel, (Vancouver)

Best wishes to the skippers and crews as preparations come to and end and the next phase of the adventure begins!



  1. russ mead says:

    Hello committee,

    Maybe a good idea would be to include some #70-#100 sunscreen in the package.

    We were at on our boat for 5 years and incurred sun damage-basil cell carcinoma during that time. Even some inside an ear! My wife found out she is partially allergic to the sun and had to visit a dermatologist in Panama.
    He told us that the sun also weakens your immune system

    Happy cruising.

    Russ Mead
    Tillicum 1

    1. Jennifer Handley says:

      Hi Russ! That’s a great idea to pass on to next year’s committee. Thanks very much!!

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