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Calling on All Members: We Want Your BCA Stories

Rosario Passos

Counting Stars
Whitby 42 Ketch
May 8th, 2018

On the year that marks the 4oth anniversary of BCA, I would really like to publish some stories that look back at the history of our Association. With that in mind, I’d like to call on all BCA members to send in stories from days gone by… could be stories about how BCA supported you in leaving for your offshore adventure; could be stories about how you became a member of BCA; could be a reflection on what BCA means to you as you are preparing for leaving; could be a recount of a fun rendezvous from years gone by that has stuck in your memory. So, please dig deep and send us your stories.

I would also like to ask BCA members that were involved in the executive or the watchkeeping teams to send in some stories about the Association. How were things run 20 years ago? What plans did the Association have for the future? Who were the Commodores of the day and what do you remember about them?

My husband, Denis, and I joined BCA 10 years ago, and I remember one of the first events we attended was the 30th Anniversary party in September of 2008 (apologies but you need to be a member to see the November 2008 issue of Currents to read all about the party).

Somehow, Denis got involved with volunteering to help with the roasting of the pig, not having done anything like that ever before! Our task was to pick up a few dozen charcoal bags ahead of time to bring to False Creek Yacht Club the morning of the party. I remember driving all over town to find the charcoal, as most places had only a few bags left from the summer season. The roasting of the pig was an all-day affair, with several volunteers taking turns rotating the spit to ensure that the pig was thoroughly cooked. It ended up that in spite of the volunteers efforts, some parts of the pig were not quite cooked by dinner time. But that didn’t stop the party and we finished the cooking on a barbecue grill. I remember it being absolutely delicious in the end!

Since Denis was going to be at the party site all day, I offered to help set up and decorate the party room at False Creek Yacht Club. I remember meeting Anne Street and having a ball decorating and chatting about their Equator crossing. So much fun! I also remember feeling so welcome among so many strangers! While at the buffet lineup, Sharon and Rae Simpson started talking to us about sailing and Portugal, where I am from, and Andy Copeland told me all about living in Monte-Estoril and fouling their anchor in Cascais Bay. I was in awe at how everyone made us feel like we belonged there.

It was a fantastic celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Association, and we felt proud to be a part of it.

So, I really need your help to publish monthly stories about BCA for the remainder of the year. Let’s reminisce together on 40 years of an amazing Association that has kept many dreams alive. Please send in your stories.

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