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Congratulations to BCA's 2015 Cruising and Service Award Recipients!

Jennifer Handley

January 4th, 2016

The BCA awards nomination and review process is chaired by the Past Commodore, who also has the privilege of presenting those awards at the three December club nights (Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria).  This year, Boudewijn was able to attend the Calgary and VI club nights and I was deputized to make the presentations in Vancouver, lucky me!  Celebrating BCA’s cruising and service award recipients is always one of the highlights of the year, so I was very pleased to be able to attend two of this year’s presentations.

All three evenings were festive and fun;  Cruising awards were presented to 21 people, Perpetual awards to another four, and seven outgoing members of the Vancouver Island Watch were recognized for their combined 28 years of service to BCA!

Congratulations to one and all – you are a great inspiration!

Cruising Awards 2015

Cruising Awards 2015

Coastal 999 (13)

Vancouver Island – Ted and Sue Bannister, Josh Bannister, Adesso; Jay and Anita Bigland, Karina C; Roger Frost Tradewind Seeker

Vancouver – Russell and Heidi Mead, Tillicum 1; Jim and Kathy Matusiak, Solar Flair; Faye White, Ultegra; John and Jennifer Gleadle, Spinnaker.

Offshore Crew (4)

Calgary – Ronel Murphy, Michele Murphy

Vancouver – Mike Nolan, Boudewijn Neijens

Offshore Owners (4)

Vancouver Island – Michel Filion, Colymbus

Vancouver – David Boyer, Papillon II Monty Clemens and Margy Krause, Whistler

Service Awards

Service Awards 2015

Service Awards 2015

Service awards recognize Watchkeepers who have served three or more years on the Watch or Board of Directors since BCA’s inception in 1978.  These were presented to the following Vancouver Island Watchkeepers:

  • Brian Short:  3 yrs, Nanaimo Representative and coordinator of the Mid-Island group
  • Rita and Vaughan Balaam: 3 yrs, Rendezvous (2012, 2013, 2015)
  • Peter Simpson: 3 yrs, Speakers and Bosun
  • Adam Wanczura: 6 yrs, Education and Bosun
  • Edie Dittman:  6 yrs, Communications and Special Projects (web)
  • Glen Wilson:  7 yrs, VI Vice Commodore and Rendezvous

Perpetual Awards

In addition to the cruising and service awards,  BCA has a number of special awards for significant achievements and/or contributions to BCA.  These are not necessarily awarded annually, but only as “earned”.

Jennifer presenting David Boyer with the Antares Pacific High Finders' Award

Jennifer presenting David Boyer with the Antares Pacific High Finders’ Award

The Antares Pacific High Finders’ Award is presented annually to the member who logs the longest time Hawaii – Victoria passage, in either direction.  In 2015, this award was won by David Boyer,  Papillon II, whose passage from Hawaii was 22 days.

Kirk Patterson, winner of the Doug Mitchell Memorial Singlehander's Award

Kirk Patterson, winner of the Doug Mitchell Memorial Singlehander’s Award

The Doug Mitchell Memorial Single Hander’s Award is presented to members who have made a significant single-handed voyage;  this year’s recipient was Kirk Patterson.  In 2012-2103, Kirk completed a solo trans-Pacific passage from Vancouver Island to Japan, followed by a full circumnavigation of the Japanese archipelago (2013-2015), the first ever by a non-Japanese sailor.

Boudewijn presenting the Ted Long Award to Guylain Roy-Machabee

Boudewijn presenting the Ted Long Award to Guylain Roy-Machabee

The Ted Long Award for outstanding personal contributions to BCA was awarded to Guylain Roy-Machabée in 2014 and was finally presented to him in 2015.  Guylain has worn a number of BCA hats over the years:  as Vice Commodore, he assumed the position of Commodore when Lex Peterson passed away in 2004; he has been our long-time web guru supreme; was an integral member of the Currents transition team in 2014; creates the extract from the database, which ultimately results in the Annual Membership Directory, etc; and during his tenure as Commodore, made significant contributions to BCA awards policy.

The Hill-Padwick Award presented to Larry Roberts

The Hill-Padwick “Bent Mast” Award presented to Larry Roberts by Boudewijn.

The Hill-Padwick “Bent Mast” Award is awarded by popular vote, as determined by the most raucous applause from the raconteur’s nomination.  There were many nominations for this award, the ultimate winners being Larry Roberts and Mary-Anne Unrau, Traversay III, for their unconventional method of leaving the Port of Douglas on the Isle of Man.

2015 Peterson Cup winners Frank and Dawn Gaudek

2015 Peterson Cup winners Frank and Dawn Gaudek, Dulcinea II

Lastly, although awarded at the August Rendezvous, it was also appropriate to recognize Frank and Dawn Gaudek, winners of the 2015 Peterson Cup.

For those who are interested, lists of cruising and service award recipients dating back to 2002 can be found here.  Watch for further articles about the perpetual awards in future editions of Currents.


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