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David Mitchell

Island Packet 40
April 7th, 2021

Again, the Bluewater Cruising Association’s volunteers have performed above and beyond all expectations!

Ocean Cruising Adventures (OCA)

This year’s Ocean Cruising Adventure event was outstanding; our keynote speaker, John Kretschmer, proved to be entertaining, knowledgeable, and inspiring. He presented in a manner that had me feeling like I was sitting around a campfire, with a glass of wine, listening to my best friend tell his stories. There were over 260 members and guests from six countries who participated: Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, United States, and Canada. However, the real stars were the volunteers that made this event happen. Their hard work, beginning in April 2020, through over 250 volunteer hours, culminated in an event that was, simply, amazing. My sincerest gratitude goes out to Anne Trudel and the OCA team for providing BCA members with a night full of entertainment, inspiration and connection. Thank you!

Looking Forward to Summer Cruising

With the arrival of spring, I reflect on this past year and the many changes that have been instituted by our volunteers. Our association has adapted extremely well to the strains that COVID-19 have necessitated. We are strong, connected, and engaged. However, as at the start of this pandemic, we are approaching our local cruising season. We are desperately looking forward to great adventures in our boats and have hopes of visiting with family and friends. I, for one, am truly missing the face-to-face interactions with all of you. That said, I ask that, prior to heading out, you think long and hard about what it is that you can do to aid in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. The skies are not clear yet. As I am writing this, there are more variants and the spread is growing exponentially throughout the world. Please stay safe, be aware, and hold strong. Thank you.

May we all be rafted soon! I look forward to your stories, songs, sharing food and drink, and, mostly, seeing your face.

Yours aye,

David Mitchell


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