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The Official Magazine of the Bluewater Cruising Association

A Better 12V Mousetrap

Barb Peck & Bjarne Hansen

Hoku Pa'a
Niagara 35

Fred Again III - Lost on Reef in the Caribbean

Rob Murray

Beneteau First 435 Sloop

Arepas, Sancocho and Cerveza: a Lament for Venezuela

Hugh & Heather Bacon

Argonauta I
Beneteau 440

Costa Rica to Panama

Dennis Giraud

Beneteau 44, Cutter Rigged

Cruising With Kids

Henk and Lisa Benckhuysen

Express 37 Sloop

Postcards from a Caribbean Winter - Part 6, Cruising the Azores Islands

Rod Morris

2006 Robertson and Caine Leopard 40’ Catamaran

A Simple Holder for Tea Towels

Barb Peck & Bjarne Hansen

Hoku Pa'a
Niagara 35

Encounters on an Ocean Passage

Jordan & Judy Mills

Sea Turtle IV
Endurance Centre-Cockpit 35'

On Mexican Time, or Recovering from Sergio, Part II

Kelly Arnold

Intrepid II
Cape Dory 40 Sloop